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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Nice, they beep the bad words, now childrens can watch it safetly.

    43last year
  2. Anonymous replied

    they are beeping out sensitive info, like names or school names nad such, fucking idiot

    911 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied


    111 months ago
  4. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Great video but who is the girl riding the dick shes beautiful. A name would be wonderful

    55 months ago
  5. I'm a very good fucker with dick and mouth

    04 weeks ago
  6. Drunk girls

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    04 weeks ago
  7. faking

    via fapdu for android

    05 months ago
  8. Hot vid! However. In answer to that guy's comment. If my sister were in this video, I'd destroy every last dude in that room. Just sayin. :I

    15 months ago
  9. Anonymous replied

    Is your sister a Porn Star?

    34 months ago
  10. i´m braziliam.i very like !!!Fantastic!!!!!!Bye!!!!One god job!!!!

    35 months ago
  11. Anonymous replied

    I liked it too Liam.

    13 months ago
  12. flesh

    56 months ago
  13. Greek trash is too funny. "YEAAAAHH, SEX! YEEAAAAHHHH"

    26 months ago
  14. i can't that she was my sister..

    37 months ago
  15. Girl in the red tank top needs to get fucked

    28 months ago
  16. cool

    09 months ago
  17. mmm fuck yes

    19 months ago
  18. this is a sex video

    19 months ago
  19. Anonymous replied

    No shit, Sherlock.

    16 months ago
  20. Yo who is the one with them fat tits and trashy tats? I need more batin material from her.

    59 months ago
  21. it was shit

    29 months ago
  22. ..

    210 months ago
  23. ghgh

    111 months ago
  24. Great party I wish I was there :)

    011 months ago
  25. Anonymous replied

    meet me!

    16 months ago
  26. this shit made me excited for college. I'm not at all satisfied with the number of wild sex parties i've attended during my first year (hint: it's less than one.)

    211 months ago
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    0last year
  28. Any one from bangalore girls? want a fuck like this mail me am.ravi@rediffmail.com

    0last year
  29. fuck

    1last year
  30. fake

    0last year
  31. the girl in the red shirt is just starring and screaming lol

    3last year
  32. Anonymous replied

    It actually looks kinda awkward. Why don't they play music or something

    011 months ago
  33. Anonymous replied


    04 months ago
  34. ur probably at 2:01 she was riding that mother fuckers dick

    0last year
  35. probs the fucking totes

    0last year
  36. wak lu...

    0last year
  37. her parents must b so proud to have raised a whore

    0last year
  38. Anonymous replied

    your parents must be so proud to have raised a son who watches pornography and then complains about it

    010 months ago
  39. Im a girl and my pussy got wet so its good to me;)

    2last year
  40. Anonymous replied

    call me

    0last year
  41. Anonymous replied

    can i fuck ur pussy hard u bitich

    1last year
  42. nice

    1last year
  43. Mothers seducing daughters

    1last year
  44. whats this video called?

    0last year
  45. fucking bitch

    0last year
  46. i feel sorry for them... the last girl seems like she doesn't even want to be there.......

    2last year
  47. Anonymous replied

    just jerk off dude.

    5last year
  48. when the guy shoots his cum

    1last year
  49. i would have gotten all of the women naked and fucked them all

    0last year
  50. non of the above

    1last year
  51. i wanna cum in their ass

    1last year

    0last year
  53. floor show

    0last year
  54. neda

    0last year
  55. kindda feel sorry for the guy with the whale on him

    4last year
  56. Anonymous replied

    This statement is invalid. This video contains no members of the whale species, nor does it show a large body of water. The smallest whale measures an average of 30 feet in length. If there were a whale in this video, nobody would have missed it.

    8last year
  57. Anonymous replied

    WWF will find you, and kill you...

    1last year
  58. Anonymous replied

    Hahahaha fucking really

    1last year
  59. Anonymous replied

    Hey now, I love that 'whale'.

    Jus' a little baby batter to make her fatter.

    0last year
  60. Its good

    0last year
  61. Their tattoos are moderately trashy

    1last year
  62. first girl is Lucie Ladova

    0last year
  63. apprpriate and necessary

    0last year
  64. just horny. what's wrong with beautiful women?

    0last year
  65. I like the part where they have sex.

    17last year
  66. gibran,very nice

    0last year
  67. good

    1last year
  68. no

    12 years ago
  69. I wanna hit that skinny dork doing the hang loose crap all the time.

    92 years ago
  70. Anyone know the chick from like 4:55 is?

    22 years ago
  71. everything with ass and tits

    12 years ago
  72. i wish my country was like this..

    52 years ago
  73. The girl getting doggy is so hot. Anyone know her name?

    02 years ago
  74. Anonymous replied

    She looks like Lucie Ladova

    22 years ago
  75. Why cant i go to a college where this shit happens ?

    62 years ago
  76. Anonymous replied

    Cause this shit doesn't happen at any college. Believe it or not, all of them are pornstars. Yes, it shatters the illusion but this is so fucking staged.

    122 years ago
  77. nice

    02 years ago
  78. fucking

    12 years ago
  79. plz the name of the second girl who had ride a cock ( and she has a long hair )

    42 years ago
  80. Did they seriously beep out the word cunt? Really?

    62 years ago
  81. Love watching girls get fucked in front of their friends

    23 years ago
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