1. dressed and undressed
  2. dressed and undressed
  3. dressed and undressed
  4. dressed and undressed
  5. dressed and undressed
  6. dressed and undressed
  7. dressed and undressed
  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    anyone knows her name?

    105 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    anyone source or knows her name?

    85 years ago
  3. im not buying it

    05 years ago
  4. all you niggers would still put your dick in it.... ya'll some anonymous cowards

    05 years ago
  5. take it easy there killer

    05 years ago
  6. Lucy C Gabrielle is her name

    45 years ago
  7. Anonymous replied

    thanks :)

    15 years ago
  8. id still fuck her

    05 years ago
  9. here's the Key to Camera Tricks In " ADULT INDUSTRY " gentlemen. what they do is React to the ANGLE of The MODEL.In Other Words they " PERFECT POSITION " the Camera To a Specific View on the Models there working with. Its a Cheap Affective Tactic that Still Works in the Industry. how else would a girl who's 5'1 weighs 102 PD's. with 36BCups; then the website wil say she's a 34C or 34D. Uhhh-uuuhh that dont work in real life.

    05 years ago
  10. I do believe that the size was photo-shopped quite a bit. No way that she could hide those puppies >:]

    15 years ago
  11. thats crazy how big they were just hiding under there

    05 years ago
  12. where did they come from

    15 years ago
  13. wow that was under there

    15 years ago

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