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    12 years ago
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    Hot and knows how to please a crowd. Funny though, how she fucks that dildo and yells no no no. Plus, she'd rather fuck herself and record it than fuck the guy she married? If he doesn't do it right, I'd be happy to help her out- but so would any straight guy that sees this vid! Still, there seems to be something off about her, so I'd probably watch my back for the inevitable steak knife after a long and crazy fuck with this chick. I'll ask again, I see the ring, but where's the husband?? Uh-oh...

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  3. Anonymous replied

    ring is on right hand, not left.

    011 months ago
  4. Catie Minx?

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  5. girl from TeraBrite O_o

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  6. who is she?

    02 years ago
  7. She's either extremely sensitive, horny or faking at the start

    02 years ago