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  1. benroethlispeckerBEST COMMENT

    I like her better as a big woman. HOT!

    24 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    Yes, i love her too and her tits are awsome!!!

    03 years ago
  3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    His sperm over her massive huge tits looks so fucking hot!!!
    I am not bisexual, but in this scene i will lick his cum from her boobs!!!

    13 years ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    DonĀ“t worry guy, i only hetero, but in this case i become the same fantasy!!! I will taste it and give my sperm on her beautiful nipples too and mix our loads with my tongue!!!

    03 years ago
  5. I lover in fat too!!!!
    And i fap to her amazing big fucking tits!!!! Wow i will gice my sperm over this boobs!!

    03 years ago
  6. That's why they call them opinions... I like her before and after

    05 years ago
  7. thats a huge bitch!

    05 years ago
  8. doesnt this bith have aids and wow she is huge now she looks desperate

    05 years ago
  9. she was/is pregnant, not fat...

    05 years ago
  10. damn, carmella got hella fat. gross. no thank u.

    05 years ago
  11. holy fat

    05 years ago
  12. this is one of those situations where he really SHOULD have just left....WOW
    this girl should really stop doing porn

    05 years ago

    05 years ago
  14. This is whats wrong with porn today. im only 28 but I grew up watching skinamax and Jenna Jameson. These porkers (I love me some Brandy Talore tits, dont get me wrong) are destroying porn. Who the hell wants the girl next door? We have all boned or married the girl next door. I want the fucking bad ass looking girl that nobody can touch except without a 12 incher.

    15 years ago
  15. Brandy Talore had kids and look at her, she always wears stuff over her belly.

    05 years ago
  16. fucking frito lay happened! wow, i know girls with naturally big tits are bigger but this transformation is crazy! Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

    05 years ago
  17. How old are you baby girl becuase i really want you right know what is your number sexy ;-)

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    06 years ago