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      it is like real world

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      i want shawna lenee

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      epic fail ;)

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      sex machine

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      isis taylor

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      average joe fucking pornstar

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      closes thing to bangbros

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      it's silly - they are all whores

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      derka derka

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      6 ยท average joe fucking pornstar

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      its fucking weird?

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      where do i sign up

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      whats the contact info

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      seems like they always score.

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      it asks a question i know the answer to

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    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      This videos all suck.

      134 years ago
    2. Anonymous replied

      fuck you

      03 years ago
    3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      Of course he can score, they are all a bunch of fucking whores, they fuck anything.

      43 years ago
    4. Anonymous replied

      It has last long, but finally there is somebody having the courage to utter the truth!

      03 years ago
    5. Anonymous replied

      acctually no , madison ivy rejected a guy once, i cant find the vid but its on there website, its quite funny because first she says okay then she sees his dick and its super small and he cant get hard so he tells her to get lost

      03 years ago
    6. can he not score?

      04 years ago
    7. "Can He Score?" Wouldn't have much of a site if he couldn't...

      84 years ago
    8. Shawna Lanee or something

      24 years ago
    9. Who's the girl in the title picture?

      24 years ago
    10. lexi and the hogger

      05 years ago