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    i got stuck with my sister in the same bed in a hotel room. she was in a deep sleep so i got to feel her whole body and almost got my finger in her pussy. i licked her pussy and rubbed my dick on her face and she never woke up. i masterbate to the thought all the time.

    25 years ago
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    ugly ass bitch

    05 years ago
  3. good

    05 years ago
  4. I d`ont know

    05 years ago
  5. I loved jacking off as my sisters slept.

    05 years ago
  6. that i use to see my sister like that all the time...Touch and rub my balls on her legs her foot, I would put my dick in her and until i came..If she was out like a light drunk off her ass, I might try and fuck her...Oh the feeling was over whelming!! The sneak and not get caught thing was amazing!! Later I turned the thing around and acted like i was out..She took a chance many times and sucked and fucked if she could.....Ha......Just kidding! Joe Dirt Joe dirt...

    16 years ago
  7. because i want to fuck my sister so badly

    06 years ago