Britney Brighton

    This cheese head was born Nov 17, 1987 in Wausau Wisconsin. And speaking of head she has revolved all her aliases around giving it. She stands 5ft 3in tall and weighs 114 pounds. This product of the north woods boasts two corn fed 34DD jugs. Although you won’t get much out of them utters, they are fake. Her body art reflects what she gets by dick, and that is pierced baby! She has 4 piercings including her left upper lip, right nostril,navel, and septum. She is just a good ol’ midwestern dick goddess that loves you to packer.

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      love her body

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      great tits for her age, should make more vids

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      dude, her tits are fake.

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      sexy tight body

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      made her mother proud

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      This bitch uses lube. Her pussy no good.

      06 years ago