1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Loved living in the UK and runnin' through these chav sluts.

    55 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    offensive material

    34 years ago
  3. thats not good

    12 years ago
  4. Hi

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    03 years ago
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    23 years ago
  6. it was ok i gues

    14 years ago
  7. scouser

    05 years ago
  8. and gan bang sher

    05 years ago
  9. plsese show you tits and you pussy

    05 years ago
  10. Anonymous replied

    What do you mean by YOU tits? You some kind of titist?!

    25 years ago
  11. hello babe from ben penton

    15 years ago
  12. scummy looking twats

    15 years ago
  13. they sound slightly scouse

    05 years ago
  14. It wasn't that good I seen way better

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    25 years ago
  15. Theyre hot, but it would be nice to see them actually get fucked.

    05 years ago
  16. somebody send me a link to GI gi 1 plz

    25 years ago
  17. they are not half bad

    05 years ago
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