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Brandi Belle is a South Beach bitch from Miami, FL born May 16, 1984. She is 5'5" and 110 pretty pounds. She has brown, very dark hair and mysterious green eyes and a wild libido. With her tiny frame, she sports some full 32B booby bags, which are as real as her screaming orgasms. This cream bucket has several tattoos all over her body giving her that sexy emo look, as well as a lip, tongue, and navel piercing.

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    she's an average chick with a very horny side

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    her ass

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    her face

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    her beauty

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    beautiful face

  7. 40

    her attitude and perfect tits.

  8. 37

    i would fuck her arse with my tongue

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    the girls she lets guest star

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    liked her since i was a kid

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    wish she had a penis

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    sucks good

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    smart and clever

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    ignore porn

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    those eyes

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    nice firm tits

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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    i love u brandi i am your super fan

    16 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Brandi belle

    05 years ago
  3. dead fish

    05 years ago
  4. boring

    06 years ago
  5. I love you, brandi..But there are not enough (free) videos from you, in web -.-

    06 years ago
  6. Oh, and we'd also like an anal scene.

    18 years ago

    08 years ago