Bobbi Billard Out of all the girls on this site this is probably the one that I would bring to to momma.

    A typical southern belle Bobbi was born in Austin, Texas Dec 12, 1975. At 5ft 8in tall and 121 pounds she has more of a model like body, and that’s exactly what she is. With her 34DDD she started her modeling career at age 12 and never looked back. Her blond hair and brown eyes started wowing grease monkeys when she was 19 landing a job for an auto parts calendar.

    She has been known as Bobbi Doll in most of the magazines she has posed for. Throughout her career she has worked her way up the proverbial ladder to get the career she has today. Like I said she started in auto parts magazines, then went to surf magazines out west, and then moved to motorcycle calendars.

    In 1999 Bobbi came busting into the adult industry with an appearance in playboy magazine. She has some acting under her belt as well. She has appeared on the Howard Stern Shot, Dr. Pepper commercials, and starred in a role on the FX series “son of the beach.” Now if only she would do a fat head we would all have a life size target hanging on out bedroom walls.

    why you like bobbi billard

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      big n nice boobs fuck her boobs n face

    2. 5

      because she is a beautiful lady