Barbie Griffin This Tropicana tramp hails from Daytona Florida. She was born on Sept 10,1980 and look it or not she actually is not a porn star. She has spent the majority of her career as a centerfold. If you haven't heard of Barbie Griffin it's probably because she goes through more stage names than i did tissues looking at her spread.

    She is known around the industry by such names as Lori Larson, Michelle McCurry, Sandy Reed, Veronica Black, ans Lori Lar. She is adorned with blonde hair and blue eyes, and with measurements of 36DD-24-34 I bet a lot of people wish she was an actress. Unlike her smooth body her career has been kind of hairy.

    She was only an active model from 2003-2005. er first stage name was Michelle McCurry, then she changed it to Barbie Griffin which was owned by Mac and Bumble. Mac and Bumble filed a lawsuit against the centerfold, and since then she has discontinued her adult modeling career.

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      big tits

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      julia ann

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      beautifull body, sweet face and killer smile

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      big tit

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      she is a goddess

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