Backroom Casting Couch (BRCC) videos feature girls with the ambition to become pornstars and need a connection to the industry. The man filming promises the girls that he will send the videos out to producers who will then hire the girls if they like what they see. Usually the girls are unaware that they are expected to have sex or suck cock at this first filming and then have to make the decision of whether or not they want to move forward. Once they agree they usually are curious if they are getting paid for this and the answer is always "no not this time". After the video is over the man again reassures them that they will be hearing back from him soon after he sends out the video.

    The videos range from awkward to awesome - fapdu suggests watching them all.

    See all of the full videos here

    why you like backroom casting couch

    1. 11.9k


    2. 4.3k

      seems so real

    3. 3.1k


    4. 2.8k

      reluctant anal sex

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    7. 1.5k

      · virgins

    8. 1.4k

      • the real life sexual authenticity. not exaggerat

    9. 1.4k

      tight assholes

    10. 1.2k

      tricked and seems real

    11. 889

      seems real

    12. 800

      there are frequently creampies

    13. 755

      the girls?

    14. 679

      the real life sexual authenticity. not exaggerated

    15. 655

      so many dumb bitches

    16. 569


    17. 522

      the real life sexual authenticity. not exaggerat

    18. 457

      the dudes penis is awesome

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    20. 427


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    22. 196

      the outty bellu button of rick!

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