1. Mosaic; Azumi Kawashima Pretty Wife Hotel Love

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Azumi Kawashima Whats with the Japanese blurring out the pussy they always have a rug of hair on their pussy that you can’t see so whats the fucking point.

Anyway Azumi is a native of Japan and was born Aug 8th 1979. She has two career paths, not only is she a porn star but she is also a super model in her native land. She is 5ft 2in tall and 101 pounds. This geisha is still active in the adult community, and has been since 1998. I guess with 13 years of pounding they probably blur out her beef curtains on camera.

Her measurements are 32C-22-33 and yes those C cups are real bags-o-fun. She has brown hair, and brown eyes that do not match her black rug of a pubic patch so no the carpet does not match the drapes. You’ll have to use your imagination while faping to this blurred beauty, but maybe its her way to make you work for it.

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    beauty pretty

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    i want to have sex with her

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    sora aoi

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    she is beuty

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