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  2. Audrey Bitoni is a busty brunette with all kinds of sexy curves and

    Watch the video "Audrey Bitoni is a busty brunette with all kinds of sexy curves and"
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Audrey Bitoni is just fucking ridiculously sexy and scary wild during sex. She will make a shy guy run for the hills, and an experienced guy blow a load over a mountain.

She was born August 16, 1986 in Pasadena, CA. Her most recognizable award came in 2008 when she won the AVN Awards - Best New Starlet Award.

Her incredibly attractive dark demeanor makes her a very popular star within the industry, having long dark hair and quiet hazel eyes. Although she may be a bit intimidating at first she is stacked with all the right equipment to make you fappy happy. She's pleasantly packed into a 5'4" frame at only 106 pounds and a set of A bomb 34D tits. She loves to wear something raunchy, ripped, and torn to give you a peak at what she's packing, as well as giving you an invitation to not simply pull the clothes off her, but viciously rip her clothes to shred while she rips your innocent soul apart, filling it with guilty pleasure.

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