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Ashlyn Gere was born September 14, 1959 in Cherry Point, NC. She is a pornographic actress who performed in both heterosexual and lesbian films. Her aliases are known as Kimberly Patton, Ashlyn Gear, Ashley Gere, Kimberly Marshall, Kim McKamy. She is 5'3" and 110 pouunds with brown hair and sexy brown eyes, and a BIG brown muff. That muff is totally retro, throwback bangin puss.

why you like ashlyn gere

  1. 39

    her agressive fuck style

  2. 19

    she set the standard for fucking

  3. 7

    she looks like sarah palin

  4. 5


  5. 2

    she is just plain hot hot hot!

  6. 2

    great shape legs

  7. 1

    dirty talk

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  1. wildwesttrooperBEST COMMENT

    One of my favorite stars. Her enthusiasm and lust on screen really makes for boner material. The intensity of her performance in scenes is one of her finest attributes.

    33 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Not related to Richard Gere.......although they suck dick the same way.

    0last year