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Ashley Robbins was born January 4, 1984 in Prague, Czech Republic. Her aliases are known as Jana S. and Jane O'Hara.

She has beautiful brown eyes and exotic and sexy red hair, rare I might add for a girl with red hair to look as exquisitely gorgeous as her. She stands 5'5" tall and weighs 106 pounds tight and spunky. She has 36DD tits to make her a splendid ruby red head gem with a filthy sexual attitude. She has a sexy twinkly with her nose and ear piercing.

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  1. 49

    her redhair

  2. 29

    hot body

  3. 26


  4. 26

    all of the 3 above-tits-rehead-and a lovely body

  5. 8

    freaking amazing natural body

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  8. 3

    ashley robbins

  9. 1

    nice czech woman

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