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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I showed this video to two more Chinese girls who said the would lick and suck Asa's Japanese feet for as long as she would let them.

    103 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Those two Chinese girls also said they would tongue Asa's pussy and butt, as well as her feet, to her complete satisfaction.

    33 years ago
  3. Look at Asa's taut thighs, if she wrapped them around these girls' heads and squeezed, she could have them beggng for mercy...

    23 years ago
  4. If the fathers of these three were watching this video together, April's father and Brynn's father would say to Asa's father, "Our daughters were born to worship your daughter's nut draining feet."

    03 years ago
  5. I want to see those Chinese sluts Tia Ling and Jandi Lin lick and suck Asa's nut draining Japanese feet.

    13 years ago
  6. I like how Brynn Tyler goes after Asa's baby toe at 00:38.

    13 years ago
  7. This would have been even better if Asa had said shit like "All right, you two sluts, get your tongues between my perfect toes... that's it, suck my perfect toes, you toe sucking sluts..."

    23 years ago
  8. April and Brynn both need more training in worshipping feet before being allowed to worship Asa's nut draining feet again.

    33 years ago
  9. I like the expression on Asa's face as April and Brynn worship her yummy Asian feet.

    23 years ago
  10. I want to see Asa wrap her thighs around these girls' heads and squeeze them into submission before the next worshipping session whch should include tonguing Asa's butthole and cunt.

    03 years ago
  11. Asa needs better worshippers.

    03 years ago
  12. Asa needs to wrap her nut draining toes around my cock, drain my nuts onto April's face, then Brynn needs to lap it up and share my cum with April and Asa.

    33 years ago
  13. Asa needs to have two slaves sucking her heels, two slaves sucking her toes, a slave tonguing her cunt and a slave tonguing her butthole.

    04 years ago
  14. I imagine Asa was wearing those boots ALL DAY, making those feet stink real good...

    14 years ago
  15. Those two white women were born to worship that Japanese woman's demand-to-be-worshipped feet.

    34 years ago
  16. I showed this video to two Chinese girls who said they would lick and suck Asa's nut draining feet to her complete satisfaction.

    74 years ago
  17. RON PAUL 2012

    04 years ago
  18. I want to see April and Brynn worship Asa's butthole and cunt.

    54 years ago
  19. Asa needs to have 2 girls on each foot, another girl tonguing her butthole, another girl tonguing her cunt, two more girls tonguing her armpits and another girl kissing her mouth.

    05 years ago
  20. Lucky white girls are privileged to suck on her feet. She should have degraded them and spit on them as they sucked on her feet that would have been hot.

    105 years ago
  21. Anonymous replied

    The lucky white girls should drench Asa's feet with their spit and get their tongues deep between her toes and suck them as if their lives depended on it.

    85 years ago
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