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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I want to see April and Brynn worship Asa's butthole and cunt.

    34 months ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I showed this video to two Chinese girls who said they would lick and suck Asa's nut draining feet to her complete satisfaction.

    23 months ago
  3. I imagine Asa was wearing those boots ALL DAY, making those feet stink real good...

    03 weeks ago
  4. Those two white women were born to worship that Japanese woman's demand-to-be-worshipped feet.

    12 months ago
  5. RON PAUL 2012

    03 months ago
  6. Asa needs to have 2 girls on each foot, another girl tonguing her butthole, another girl tonguing her cunt, two more girls tonguing her armpits and another girl kissing her mouth.

    08 months ago
  7. Lucky white girls are privileged to suck on her feet. She should have degraded them and spit on them as they sucked on her feet that would have been hot.

    68 months ago
  8. Anonymous replied

    The lucky white girls should drench Asa's feet with their spit and get their tongues deep between her toes and suck them as if their lives depended on it.

    47 months ago
  9. 1) the toes are spread wide before being licked 2) the girls are young enough to be my daughters 3) the girls look like prostitutes

    18 months ago
  10. Asa needs to have her nut draining feet worshipped by 4 ebony women.

    28 months ago
  11. Asa needs to have her toes sucked by Tia Tanaka and Jandi Lin.

    29 months ago
  12. These two white women were born to worship Asa's nut draining Asian feet.

    19 months ago
  13. I would gladly lick and suck those beautiful little feet but I would enjoy sucking a beautiful huge cock more.

    110 months ago
  14. i like feets

    0last year
  15. A Chinese girl I showed this video to said she would suck Asa's feet for as long as she wanted her to.

    4last year
  16. i would suck a dick that shes giving a foot job to just to get close to her feet

    6last year
  17. Anonymous replied


    110 months ago
  18. Love those panties on Asa!

    2last year
  19. echt geil

    0last year
  20. Anonymous replied

    The German term "Echt geil" means "hot" in English.

    0last year
  21. There needs to be an extensive series of videos uploaded of Asa having her nut draining feet worshipped by other women.

    2last year
  22. I would seriously love to amputate all of her toes. I have had all five removed on my left foot and having the stump sucked and licked like this is so fucking erotic! Now my girlfriend wants her succulent toes on the opposite foot chopped off! And they will be very soon!

    0last year
  23. It must be a very delicious feeling for Asa, having these two white girls licking and sucking her yummy feet. She should have these two on one foot, and have two other girls on her other foot next time.

    2last year
  24. These two white girls need to worship Asa's perfect butt, and service her butthole and her cunt and her armpits with their tongues too.

    7last year
  25. These two white girls need to worship Asa's perfect butt as well.

    4last year
  26. Those two white girls were born to worship Asa's nut draining Asian feet.

    32 years ago
  27. I love how Asa crosses her ankles at 7:30 so that the two white girls can enjoy licking the foot that the other had been licking up til then.

    52 years ago
  28. I love Asa's facial expressions as these two white girls lick and suck her nut draining toes. I want to see Asa wrap her magnificent thighs around these white girls' heads and squeeze them into submission before the next round of worshipping.

    42 years ago
  29. i love just to girls suck on some sexy toes n lick on some sexy toes i wish dem bitches wood suck my dick like its some sexy toes

    02 years ago
  30. nice feet..

    02 years ago
  31. Cause my room mate is asleep

    02 years ago
  32. I like the part when the blonde sucks Asa's three middle toes.

    42 years ago
  33. There should be an extensive series of videos of Asa having her superior Japanese feet worshipped by other women.

    82 years ago
  34. As nut draining as Asa Akira's Asian feet are, Nikki Rhodes' white feet are even more nut draining, and Asa and these two girls should worship Nikki's feet after she's been wearing boots all day.

    12 years ago
  35. Asa should have a toe spreading contest with that white girl Nikki Rhodes.
    The winner gets her nut draining, demand-to-be-worshipped feet worshipped by the loser.

    12 years ago
  36. As nut draining as Asa Akira's feet are,

    02 years ago
  37. Before Asa gets her demand-to-be-worshipped feet worshipped, she should wrap her legs around her female worshippers' heads and squeeze them into submission.

    12 years ago
  38. I want to see Asa have her nut-draining feet worshipped by 4 black girls, while 4 more black girls worship her butthole, cunt and armpits.

    22 years ago
  39. I love the sound of Asa's boots being unzipped by her two worshippers.

    12 years ago
  40. Asa needs to have 4 girls worshipping her awesome feet, 2 girls on each foot.
    And to finish off the session, 2 more girls, one licking her butthole and the other licking her cunt.

    42 years ago
  41. I love how Asa spreads her toes for these two white girls to lick and suck.
    I wonder how long she'd been wearing those boots and how stinky her feet were.

    12 years ago
  42. Nut draining, demand-to-be-worshipped Asian feet being worshipped by two white women... mmm...

    12 years ago