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Anri Suzuki is a Japanese adult video actress born in Tokyo on December 11th, 1985. She's 5'6 with a slender, natural body, brown eyes and long auburn hair.

In 2010, the Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po ran an article about Anri claiming that she wanted to have sex with Chinese students in Japan as reparation for Japan's invasion of China in 1937, leading to the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Rape of nanking. The reporter claimed he'd heard the story from “Taiwan media reports” when he was actually fooled by post on an online forum that was a hoax. The story spread throughout the media and was reported inaccurately, even though it was discredited immediately in Japan. It was also rumoured that Anri had a Ph.D in Sino-Japanese History, even though the actress has stated that she only graduated highschool.

She's performed in Chain Gang Girls (a softcore women in prison film), Maid-Droid, Secrets of a Desperate Housewife, Tokyo Race Queen Vol 2. and The Scene of Pantyhose.