Annie Sprinkle, aka Anne Sands, Miss Annie Sprinkle, Anny Sands, Ann Sprinkle, Annie Sprinkles and Annie Sands is a legend in the adult industry. She was born July 23, 1954 in Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love and pixie dust.

    One of the most prolific women in the adult industry, Annie has worked in almost every job you can think of -- prostitute, stripper, actress, TV host, writer, producer, educator and more. She is bisexual and married to her partner, Beth Stephens, January 14, 2007 in Canada.

    Annie is a self described "Ecosexual", has a BFA in photography and a doctorate in human sexuality. In Annie's most famous performance art piece called Public Cervix Announcement, she invited the audience to get up close and personal by peering into her cervix with a speculum and flashlight. Appearing in court as a witness after a screening of the classic pornographic film Deep Throat got busted by the cops, she met and fell in love with Deep Throats director, Gerard Damiano, and became his mistress.

    Annie went on to work in movies like Teenage Deviate and Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle. She has appeared in almost 200 hard and soft-core films , b-movies and documentaries as well as directing and starring in her own porn films. She currently works as a performance artist and sex educator, a fitting position for someone with quite a list of credentials.

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