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Annette Schwarz is taking dick in butt. She was born March 26, 1984. She was born in Germany, and once she turned 18 she moved to Munich to begin a career in shootin porn. This girl clearly knows how to survive giant donkey dick, which I'm sure is from her wiener-schnitzel licken heritage.

On top of being an actress, she also owns her own production company, which she has had since 2006.

Her stats state she is 5'10" tall and 120 pounds with pretty blonde hair and greenie genie eyes. All of her beauty has done well for her career, racking up three awards. In 2008 she won the AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene and the XRCO Award for Superslut, quite the award. Then in 2009 she won another AVN Award for Best Oral Sex Scene.

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    She pulls faces for cumshots.

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  12. Annette is a savage, greedy, whore. She has no shame, inhibitions, or morals of any kind, and takes genuine pleasure in being a pig. She is the real sexual beast, who puts any Hollywood pinup bimbo to shame. I thank the Lord she exists.

    36 years ago
  13. Preach it brother

    04 years ago