1. "Heaven is a Wet Hole"

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Annette Haven was born in December, 1954. She was born in Las Vegas, NV and was raised in a sexually conservative Mormon family. Basically this rogue Latter Day Saint entered the porn industry to show that sex was not sinful and was actually quite pleasurable. Well, it just so turns out she was quite right, because she ended up making quite the career out of adult film making.

When she was 17, she actually got married to her current boyfriend at that time. The marriage lasted for two years, like most marriages at that age. She then moved to San Francisco working in strip clubs as an exotic dancer until she met Bonnie Holiday who helped launch her career. She made a long career and became known as a very good actor, landing her a spot in the AVN Hall of Fame.

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    cause she is amazing

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    one of the classiest

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    loves to blow guys and swallow cum in real life

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    the passion within

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    tower of power

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  3. What is your favorite video of hers?

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    Centerfold girls with Eric edwards

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