1. Beautiful Escorts Lilian Tiger and Anita Queen

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Anita Queen was born December 27, 1978 in the Czech Republic. Her aliases are known as Anita Kuin, Alena Chrastinova, Anita Carso, and Priscilla Preny. She started her career in adult films in 2001 and is currently retired, but I'm sure she could most certainly get rehired.

She will light a cock on fire with her black hair and deep brown eyes. She bends and thrusts her 5'7" 114 pound body at more RPMs than a fuckin Chrysler, not to mention she has some of the biggest hood ornaments ever. She carries two 36E boob cup sizes.

why you like anita queen

  1. 13

    hot bod

  2. 10

    true beautiful babe

  3. 9

    big natural tits and a hairy bush

  4. 4

    beautiful face

  5. 2

    my girlfriend

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