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Anita Blond is yet again another exotically beautiful woman from Budapest, Hungary. She is one of the more well known actresses from there, being born May 27, 1976. She came to the land of the free and home of the prude to build a little European utopia in the porn industry making videos in 1994. And ever since then Hungary seems to mass produce women of beauty and sexual ambition.

As the name says, her natural hair color is blonde, however, she has been seen many times with dark hair in her movies. Either way I don't think you can the fact that this Hungarian honey is gorgeous in whatever flavor of the month she wears.

She is incredibly sought after by viewers, and probably the most well known actress from Eastern Europe. This attraction is mainly in part due to her almost mathematically perfect physical features. She is 5'8" of tight torso and long luxurious legs. A woman this tall and this beautiful is packed into 114 pounds of premium pussy.

She is currently retired, for which she will be missed, but never forgotten when you can view all her hardcore madness on here.

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