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Andie Valentino was born February 1, 1988 in Newport Beach, CA. Her aliases are known as Andreza Valentino, Randy Andie, Andi Valentino, Andie Carelli, Alexandria Valentino, Andie Nubiles, and FTV Andrea. She was Miss May 2007 Penthouse Pet of the Month.

Light silky brown hair and crisp green eyes are atop her 4'11" 106 pound body, balancing huge 34D breasts. The cherry on top is a nice piercing on her navel.

She may be a short stack of fair skin and big boobs, but she packs a sexual appetite bigger than Yomomato or whatever the fuck his name is for hot dogs. This chick downs multiples more dogs of much more frank than that puny wimp. This bitch would break his jaw with her clam snapper.

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