Amy Lee was born August 20, 1979 in Ottawa, CA. Her aliases are known as Sweet Amylee and Amy Lee Richards. She has brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is 5'5" and 101 pounds with sweet 32A tits.

    She started in porn in 2001 and retired in 2008. She has a tattoo on her that says, "Casper the Friendly Ghost". She also has a piercing on her clit, navel and right nipple.

    Although she racks some pretty standard stats, this picture we have uploaded for you is something out of a dream world by some emo freak looking to kill emotion and seek midevil pleasure. I'm sorry but this picture is so hot, it's like the angel from hell came out with jet black hair, darker than the night, and skin as pale as she is dead looking for nothing but the fulfillment of immortal sin. This picture is down right fucking hot and that look in her eyes is either going to scare the shit out of you or arouse the adrenaline so much it boils inside you, now knowing what her intentions are next.

    why you like amy lee

    1. 57

      is she from evanescence?

    2. 21

      the thumbnail is definitely the wrong amy lee

    3. 8


    4. 7

      creative and charming

    5. 5


    6. 1

      paper flowers!!!!

    7. 1

      adorabel face, pussy and ass

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    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      this is not the amy lee from evanescence

      07 years ago
    2. Anonymous replied

      no shit, retard!

      56 years ago
    3. Anonymous replied

      Nah dude. It's definitely her. She's gained a lot of weight back since she stopped doing porn and smoking crack.

      26 years ago