Amber DeLuca is a Native-American professional strongwoman, athlete, bodybuilder and motivational speaker who started her own company, Amber Goddess, where she produces her own brand of Amazon Fetish films. She was born July 26th, 1967 in Peninsula, Ohio and is the granddaughter of Levi Levering, a leader of the Omaha people during the early 20th century. Amber is known as “Ponca-sa” by the Omaha nation, belongs to the Deer Clan and has an Ojibway, Sioux, German and French ethnic background. At 5'9 and 220 pounds of muscle, Amber has a powerful and unique presence. She is able to lift ordinary people over her head and then carry them around in a very dominant and sensual fashion. Amber is a leader in this genre of fetish film, and very few women have the physical capacity for her kind of performances.

    From a young age, Amber excelled athletically, beginning weight training when she was 13 years old in order to improve her performance in volleyball and track. She was benchpressing 135 pounds for ten reps by the time she was 14 years old. Photographer Bill Dobbins encouraged Amber to compete in bodybuilding competitions and featured her in one of his books, Modern Amazons. Amber, along with competing and winning bodybuilding competitions, became a highly sought after model for some of the top bodybuilding and fitness competitions, and was featured in films by fantasy wrestling companies.
    Amber has competed in strongwoman shows and won New Hampshire's State Strongwoman show in 2011, qualifying her to compete for America's Strongest Woman.

    Despite competing in bodybuilding competitions, Amber has said, “Bodybuilding is not a sport; it is an art form in which people manipulate their appearance through diet, training, drugs, and even plastic surgery. Genetics are important in winning. However, you are what you are, despite doing everything “right” or according to commonly accepted practices in the art and science of bodybuilding. There is no sense in trying to defy your genetics, or force fit muscle on your frame. A fig tree is a fig tree, it bears figs, it will never bear mangos! Be proud of your own physicality, and just present your best body you possibly can at all times, not only on stage, but in everyday life.” She also says, “Bodybuilding should be pursued as an art for art's sake nothing more.”

    Describing the fetish experience that Amber offers on her site, she says: “I hope that Amber Steel transcends my sensual human form--beyond the purely physical, and permits my audience to experience my world through their eyes. I offer a virtual fantasy that delivers a dose of realism and eroticism that an observer can realize is reality. Each scene that I illustrate is an entirely different experience, mirroring my life. Often in life, things are not what they seem. The media contrives reality, providing the ultimate fantasy escapism from our dramatic and mundane lives. But do we really need to embellish our own experiences for others? One must realize that life is perfect as is. Life is the stage in which we are all performers, and is both notable and intriguing without faking anything. Illusion is a dream, and when one is awakened, one is also saddened, yet also excited in the realization that the dream is fantasy