Allie Sin was born December 26, 1985 in motha fuckin Flint, MI. This ain't no one's Emerald Pussy, this pussy is imported from Flint.

    She's got brown hair and green eyes and a petite sexy body. She is 5'3" tall and 106 pounds with 32B tits. She has several tattoos easily visible in her videos and has a piercing on her navel.

    why you like allie sin

    1. 138


    2. 114

      nice natural tits

    3. 82

      her dead stare, her broken soul

    4. 66

      she,s so sexy

    5. 51


    6. 50

      bukkake parts

    7. 36

      her stars down thars

    8. 25

      shes dead inside.

    9. 25

      sexy ass

    10. 21

      pretty face

    11. 19

      perfect stunning body

    12. 18


    13. 16

      got mad at ashley blue for sitting on her

    14. 16


    15. 16

      dat ass

    16. 15

      tight bod & legs

    17. 14

      squirt bukkake

    18. 11


    19. 10


    20. 10

      her hair(before she cut it)

    21. 10

      because she is a robot

    22. 9

      no squirt

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    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      she is the most gorgeous girl ever in porn. she seemed to have a preference for big circumcised cocks..

      23 years ago
    2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      Allie first got into the porn biz to make money to help her boyfriend get his music career off the ground, she never truly enjoyed making porn, which was obvious from her lack of enthusiasm in nearly every scene she has done, she is a woman with regrets about her pornographic career, she will however hold a spot in porn history for years to come, her birth name is Stephanie Draheim , she has retired from making adult films but is a exotic dancer in Tampa, fl.

      03 years ago
    3. that boring look she gives in every video

      14 years ago
    4. She's hot and all that but she has about as much expression as a wax museum exhibit.

      05 years ago
    5. Allie Sin is known for showing minimal emotion in her scenes which is why many people love her amateur style of acting. She retired after having a baby, but was known for having one of the best, natural bodies in the porn industry

      35 years ago